About Me

I was born in the late 80's in Brisbane, Australia. It wasn't until the age of 10 I began playing sport. And as a result it kick started my history with fitness and an active lifestyle.

Around this time I played rugby league with most of my school friends. I did this despite being short and thin for my age and often playing against people 2 years older than me.

I played for the next 8 years until I snapped my anterior cruciate ligament.

During my rehab I started working out in the gym and my first year of senior high school I lived 100 metres from the local gym. I went everyday and grew to love it.

I’ve learned in the years since how to get amazing results! I’m eager to share my tips for success in the gym with you!

I’m a qualified personal trainer and I’ve spent many hours researching and teaching myself everything there is to know about fitness.

My goal is to help you set and achieve your goals in the fastest time possible to improve the quality of your lifestyle. Fitness training is my greatest passion and I want it to become yours and see you get the results I have achieved using my methods.

Jade Worrall